Wednesday, November 16, 2016

VCU Antimicrobial Guide- Coming to a (VCU) Smartphone Near You

We developed an institution specific (using our own antibiogram) online guide for antimicrobial use at VCU Health. 

This point of care guide is available as a link within our electronic medical record. Since its  launch, it has been accessed > 10,000 times over the past year. The project was spearheaded by Dr. Michael Stevens and 3rd year epidemiology fellow Dr. Dan Markley.

We formally assessed the need for transitioning this online guide to a point of care smartphone app, for all VCU providers. The manuscript is now in press at American Journal of Infection Control, available here (PDF).

The VCU antimicrobial smartphone app will launch in 2017.

The goal is to enhance antimicrobial stewardship through point of care, portable guidance, driven by the stewardship program and by the hospital's own antibiogram.

This is no ivory tower academic exercise.

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