Monday, November 14, 2016

2nd Annual VCU Gordon Archer Research Day

Today was the 2nd Annual VCU Gordon Archer Research Day, hosted by the Infectious Diseases Division at the VCU Larrick Center.

The oral and poster presentations were from infectious diseases, microbiology and immunology. The event was very well attended. 

Diverse and stimulating research ideas were presented spanning hospital epidemiology, bench research, global health, immunology and antimicrobial stewardship, generating discussion and thought, all under the spirit of celebrating Dr. Archer's career at VCU. Seventeen research papers were delivered at the podium and 16 posters were displayed at the lunch break.

A special thanks to VCU Infectious Diseases administrative assistant, Krystle Shaw, for coordinating nearly all of the event. 

Thanks, always, to Peggy Andrews, my executive assistant, for keeping me on track.

I am already looking forward to next year's event.   

L-R: Peggy Andrews and Krystle Shaw

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