Monday, November 7, 2016

Resuscitated UVA- VCU Case Conference- Hosted at VCU

It has been a packed two weeks with back to back trips to New Orleans (ID Week 2016) and Vienna, Austria (IMED 2016). I am back in the USA, back on the ID consult service and back at work.

Today I had the pleasure of hosting and resuscitating the Virginia Commonwealth University-University of Virginia Fall/Spring Semester case conference at the VCU Alumni House after about a 20+ year lapse. Along with my esteemed colleague and collaborator, UVA ID Division Chair, Dr. Bill Petri, we were able to pull it off. 

A special thanks (always) to my assistants Peggy Andrews and Krystle Shaw for taking care of the fine details.

The conference was very well attended. Two phenomenal cases were presented, one by VCU fellow Dr. Salma Abbas (monomicrobial, pyogenic Klebsiella pneumonia liver abscess) and one by UVA fellow Dr. Elizabeth Gulleen (Corynebacterium diphtheriae pharyngitis with heart block).

This conference went off in the true spirit of academia, with a sharing of cases, ideas and knowledge, all with thoughtful dialogue. That's what it is all about.

I am already looking forward to the spring semester event at UVA

VCU Alumni House


Left to Right: Peggy Andrews and Krystle Shaw of the VCU ID Team

Case Conference

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