Friday, June 1, 2012

VCU Honduras 2012- Mission Outline

VCU Honduras 2011 Team
The VCU 2012 Honduras Global Health trip is imminent. We will be in country from June 2-10. 

After much planning and in collaboration with the local health authorities, we will return to Departamento Yoro, to the health district of La Hicaca, a remote and mountainous region with little access to consistent medical care.

The ongoing medical relief collaborative will consist of :

  • Direct medical (clinic) care for 1000+ people
  • A public health initiative: installation and replacement of 100+ home water filters for potable water, mass population deworming per World Health Organization guidelines,  cervical PAP smear analysis of 400+ women, dental varnishing of children, point of care anemia checks, and vitamin/iron supplementation.
  • Eyeglasses for 300 people
  • 2 IRB approved research studies to assess use and efficacy of water filtration and to explore issues of indoor air quality and health outcomes.
Click on the link for our mission manifesto.

Stay tuned for mobile blog updates while we are in Honduras.

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