Friday, June 8, 2012

Honduras 2012- Interview with Padre Pedro

On June 7th, we sat down with Father Pedro O'Hagan of the Catholic Church, our collaborator, to discuss the scope, impact and future direction of our medical relief trips.

We soon hope to have the video uploaded on the GH2DP website and on my blog and professional website.

Check back.

Gonzalo Bearman MD,MPH
Associate Hospital Epidemiologist
Associate Professor of Medicine
Virginia Commonwealth University


  1. Father Pedro's insights were very enlightening. In addition to discussing health care and public health interventions, he was adept at describing the social context of health in La Hicaca. He said the community was full of violence unchecked by law enforcement which was not trusted by the local community. There is a breakdown of the family structure and a lack of the institution of marriage. It was hard to miss the parallels between rural Honduras and urban Richmond.

  2. Stephen, your comment and thoughts are very insightful. I would suggest that you read the book "Don't Be Afraid Gringo", by Elvia Alvarado. It chronicles the difficulties of Honduran campesina women and explores the ongoing social pressures in rural Honduras.