Sunday, June 3, 2012

Honduras 2012 Day 2

After a 20 hour day, we were properly exhausted.

Despite our best efforts to prepare all of the medications last night, we fell short on getting the mobile pharmacy fully ready. More to do later today.

After a proper Honduran breakfast, with strong, black coffee, the 4X4s and Land Cruisers were packed for our jagged ride up the mountains.

Next stop, La Hicaca, a verdant place rich in natural beauty yet devoid of modern sanitation, electricity and cellular coverage. The blog will go quiet for a stretch.

The trip is stepping into high gear. Clinic, research and the public health works start today.

Full details when we return in 5 days.

Gonzalo Bearman MD,MPH
Associate Hospital Epidemiologist
Associate Professor of Medicine
Virginia Commonwealth University

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