Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Focus on the Microbiome: An Updated Perspective on Surgical Site Infections by Dr. Richard Wenzel

If your looking for a high quality, updated perspective on preventing surgical site infections, check out this recently published review in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology by our very own Dr. Richard P. Wenzel.

We traditionally focus on infection prevention from exogenous threats, with an emphasis on minimizing cross transmission.  The majority of surgical site infections, and other healthcare associated infections, come from our own endogenous microbiome.

To more aggressively prevent surgical site infections, in addition to proper surgical hand antisepsis, perioperative antibiotics, perioperative glucose control and perioperative normothermia, our optics should now be on maximal control of the patient's microbiome. 

Areas to further explore include improved patient skin antisepsis, to include both the epidermis and dermis, along with better nasal microbiome control via standardized postoperative nasal anti-septic protocols.

Bold infection prevention strategies and paradigm shifts are required for impactful change in outcomes.