Monday, October 15, 2018

Super-Book! Super-Bugs: An Arms Race Against Bacteria

The book Super-Bugs: An Arms Race Against Bacteria is a stellar read on the looming antimicrobial resistance crisis.
Kudos to the authors on this super book, the best that I have read on the topic 

The writers take a complicated subject and neatly break it down into its component parts with clear and direct writing.  

Antibiotic resistance is not seen as an immediate urgency as it is a slow moving issue that on a day-to-day basis people do not experience or see.  This poses a massive challenge for policy makers. Couple this with antibiotic overuse (both in humans and in animals) and the financial disincentives for pharmaceutical companies to developed and market new drugs and a crisis awaits.

Realistic solutions are offered and include public-private partnerships for drug development, antimicrobial stewardship (both in humans and in agriculture) and heightened infection prevention.

Complicated problems need sensible, multi-modal approaches, as expertly argued. This is no dry, academic tome.

Here is a well written commentary in The Telegraph (UK) exploring the above in greater detail.

Read on.

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