Monday, October 29, 2018

Do You Fancy Yourself an Agent of Change? If So, Read On

If you are attempting to make change within your organization, I would strongly suggest that you check out the book Switch by Chip and Dan Heath.

The three major elements for making significant organizational change:

  • 'Direct the Rider’- have a specific, rational argument  that avoids TBU (True But Useless) information
  •  “Motivate the Elephant”- call upon emotions so that people have a visceral motive for change
  • “Shape the Path” -explicitly and with the utmost simplicity show the critical steps to achieve the goals
Shaping the path requires the 4 Disciplines of Execution- setting wildly important goals, clearly identifying processes, measuring the processes with a scorecard and holding people accountable.

In other words, have a specific goal, provide a persuasive rational and emotional argument for change, then clearly plot out the steps.The simpler, the better.

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