Monday, November 13, 2017

What is trending in Infection Control? Seek Diverse Sources for a Greater Perspective

Read on and seek diverse sources......
What is hot infection control and where should you seek information?

This article, which was recently published in Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, explores trending topics and information sources in infection prevention. 

As expected, peer-reviewed journals play an important gatekeeping, elite role in the dissemination of knowledge. The material in published journals is not sensationalized, more rigorous, and, in theory, less biased. 

Websites, including advocacy sites, are unfettered from the peer review process and promote views or topics that trigger a more emotive response (i.e deadly superbugs.)

Blogs are a less elite mechanism for publication and information dissemination. These have a role particularly when an academic prospective is employed. Of course, these too can be biased. I strive to make my medical blog as academic as possible within the framework of my own professional perspective (or bias). One of the best infection prevention blogs is the one by my friends and colleagues- Controversies in Hospital Infection Prevention.

So read on my friends and seek diversity in sources.

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