Wednesday, November 8, 2017

3rd Annual Gordon Archer Research Day- In Pictures

Today we hosted the 3rd Annual Gordon Archer Research Day at the VCU Medical Campus. 

The collaborative program highlights research in infectious diseases, allergy/immunology and microbiology. The diversity of topics included transplant infectious diseases, infection prevention, HIV care, global health, antimicrobial stewardship and bench research in microbiology and allergy/immunology. Presentations were at the podium and in poster format.

Thank you to Drs. Larry Schwartz (Allergy/Immunology) and Dennis Ohman (Microbiology) for their enthusiastic support and participation.

A very special thanks, always, to my assistants Krystle Shaw and Peggy Andrews. Without them, none of these projects and programs would be possible.

Images are below.

Dr. Salma Abbas

VCU Infection Prevention Nurses:L-R Amie Patrick and Michele Fleming

Graduate Student Kyle Rodino

Dr. Lawrence Schwartz- Allergy and Immunology Chairman

VCU Medical Student Karthryn Osei-Bonsu

VCU medical student Ian Lovern and VCU Infection Prevention Nurse Ginger Vanhoozer

Pharm D Resident Payal Kakadiya
L-R: Krystle Shaw and PeggyAndrews

With Nadia Masroor, MPH- VCU Infection Prevention Research Coordinator
Poster Session

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