Monday, January 2, 2017

Rest- Not Just the Opposite of Work: Protect it and Practice it Deliberately to Maximize Creativity, Productivity and Wellness

You would think that I am writing a blog about books as of late. I promise to get back to infectious diseases and infection prevention soon.

This last book really challenged and changed my way of doing things. No more simply pressing on relentlessly or toiling blindly and inefficiently through seemingly endless work tasks. Rest, by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, explores the concept of rest as an equal to work. 

Resting is not simply sleeping in or binge watching NetFlix. Rest is an active, deliberate activity which includes recognizing and respecting times of maximal productivity (usually in 4 hour blocks) and creating time and space for alternate, restorative activities such as napping, walking, exercising, stopping work at strategic times, cultivating hobbies with purpose and taking structured breaks (sabbaticals) to pursue invigorating yet related skills and interests.

Rest maximizes awareness, increases focus, cultivates calm, organizes our lives and allows us to achieve more under less stress.


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