Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Getting Stuck in the Negatives

As a Division Chair I have learned a bit about human nature. 

We are commonly biased towards the negative and we frequently fall into the busy trap (not my own term). In managing people I have observed that a negative experience, such as an overwhelming day on the consult service or a rejected manuscript, is normalized as the 'way things are.' 

I found this TED lecture by academician Alison Ledgerwood from University of California- Davis insightful and spot on.

Much like physical training, mental training takes practice (awareness, meditation, reflection, practicing gratitude). And much like physical training, there is no end lest one become unfit again.  Minimizing being surrounded by negative colleagues and leaders also helps.

We have mental plasticity.  Awareness leads to better decisions and better experiences. 
Negativity need not be the norm. 

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