Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Automated Teller Machines and Pedestrian Crossing Controls - Not the Next Epicenter for Gram Negative Rods!

Really? Someone actually tested the microbial burden on automated teller machines (ATMs) and pedestrian crossing controls?

The answer is yes and no gram negative rods, including ESBL and CRE organisms were identified. Only gram positive organisms were found as reported in this brief  article published in the Journal of Hospital Infection

I understand that ATMs and and pedestrian crosswalk buttons are high touch surfaces, but need we be so germaphobic? Microbes are ubiquitous. What shall we culture (or re-culture) next? All door handles, steering wheels, and poles on subway cars? We already know that cellphones carry a significant bioburden, as summarized here.

I would simply suggest that we practice hand hygiene prior to eating and that we limit touching our eyes, nose and mouth, to the fullest extent possible, with unwashed hands.

Germaphobe I am not!