Monday, June 13, 2016

Vibrio vulnificus Infections- Two in One Week

It has been a busy several weeks on the VCU Infectious Diseases consult service. 

We have seen two Vibrio infections causing severe skin and soft tissue infections in gentlemen who enjoy crabbing and aquatic activities in the Rappahanock river. 

As novel as it may seem to some, Vibrio is endemic yet rare in this part of Virginia, as reported here by the Virginia Department of Health.

Virtually nothing is risk free and the environment, aquatic or otherwise, is teeming with potential pathogens. Lacerations and heavy alcohol use with associated liver disease, as in one of the recent cases,does not help to minimize risk of infection with Vibrio.

Despite what is written in the lay press, Vibrio is not a 'flesh eating bacteria.'

Off to Honduras this weekend where there will be less Vibrio and more scabies.

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