Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hand Hygiene on TED- Social Learning, Mindfulness and Heartfulness

Here is the challenge of hand hygiene seen from a different perspective. In this TED Talk on hand hygiene by Dr. Sanjay Saint, the concepts social learning and mindfulness are explored.

The challenge to hand hygiene promotion goes beyond the obstacles of organizational constipators and resistors.  He argues for social learning to guide hand hygiene practice and for creating a culture that refuses to accept anything but the highest standard of care. Also, Dr. Saint argues for mindfulness, which leads to heartfulness in which kindness, compassion and connectedness motivates high quality hospital care, including hand hygiene.

The concepts are both nuanced and valid. Implementation to scale is likely very challenging. 

I am intrigued about the compliance of hand hygiene practice at Dr. Saint's hospital and about his success in advocating heartfulness as a motivator of best practices.

On Tuesday the 24th of May I am off to the Mexican Congreso Nacional de Infectología y Microbiología Clínica.

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