Thursday, February 13, 2014

State of Infection Prevention in US Hospitals

I read with interest this report on the state of infection prevention in US Hospitals.

Of the 3,374 eligible hospitals, 975 provided data (29% response rate). Some of the results are worth highlighting:

  • The average number of infection preventionists (IPs) per 100 beds was 1.2, below published guidelines
  • Certification of infection prevention (IP) staff varied across institutions - about 1/3rd of institutions had no certified IPs
  • The average hours per week devoted to data management and secretarial support were generally low, little time was spent on prevention education
  • Only 32% of hospitals reported having an electronic data surveillance system
  • There was variation in infection prevention practice with generally poor adherence to many of the infection prevention policies
  • Although policies exists for the prevention of catheter associated bloodstream infections and ventilator associated pneumonias, many institutions reported a low uptake of catheter associated urinary tract infection prevention policies, surprising as these infections are common and was the first hospital acquired infection for non-payment 
The state of infection prevention in US Hospitals, despite heightened public interest, is varied and sub-optimal. 


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