Monday, February 24, 2014

Re-Humanizing Medicine: Why Physicians Need to Be More Than Automated Medical Kiosks

At times we lose ourselves in the technology and science of medicine. Here is an excellent perspective (free, open access) on bringing the human touch back into medicine.The author explores the erosion of humanism with technology and proposes corrective measures to re-align the profession of medicine.  

I have previously blogged about the physical exam as a transformative experience, as a means of enriching the doctor-patient relationship.

Technological progress may come at the expense of human interaction, particularly in medicine. Technology is not salvation from suffering. As we embrace technology, we must also know when to set it aside in favor of high quality human interactions between doctor and patient and to assist in decision making, ease uncertainty and relieve suffering.

This is not easy. This is the ''art'' of modern medicine.

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