Monday, January 20, 2014

Honduras January 2014- Summary

Olanchito, Honduras, January 2014: with Dr. Mike Stevens, Jean Rabb, RN, Dr. Renderos, Padre Pedro O'Hagan
The June 2014 VCU GH2DP Honduras Medical Relief Trip is taking shape:

  • Ongoing clinical care to 18 mountainous villages in collaboration with the Olanchito Ministry of Health
  • Collaboration with Pico Bonito Foundation to install permanent water chlorination systems for communities with cisterns
  • Collaboration with VCU Engineers Without Borders to assess new water catchment systems in remote villages
  • Ongoing maintenance and distribution of water filtration systems for communities without chlorinated cisterns
  • Ongoing provision of medications, vaginal speculums and antihelminthics (deworming) for the La Hicaca Centro de Salud (Health Centre) to maintain a supply for one year
  • Ongoing collaboration with the Ministry of Health for education projects on nutrition and hygiene
  • Ongoing research projects on soil transmitted helminths and women's health issues. We will coordinate with Dr. Ana Sanchez of Brock University of Ontario, Canada.

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