Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Honduras 2013 Day 3 Part 3

More photos from our day in the mountains of Honduras.

After today's meeting and on site visit, the strategy for the 2014 medical trip has begun to take form. This will include the clinic, research and public health works.

Highlights include:

  • Collaboration with Pico Bonito Foundation to install permanent water chlorination systems for communities with cisterns
  • Ongoing maintenance and distribution of water filtration systems for communities without chlorinated cisterns
  • Ongoing provision of medications, vaginal speculums and antihelminthics (deworming) for the La Hicaca Centro de Salud (Health Centre) to maintain a supply for one year
  • Ongoing collaboration with the Ministry of Health for education projects on nutrition and hygiene
  • Ongoing research projects on soil transmitted helminths and women's health issues. We will coordinate with Dr. Ana Sanchez of Brock University of Ontario, Canada.

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