Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Barefoot Running- Revisited

Honduras is well behind me. I am fully back to work at the hospital and back to my pre-work daily jogs.

Today's blog will take me away from my comfort zone. As a runner (not a real one who competes), I find the concept of barefoot running interesting, partly because of the attempts to substantiate with medical studies  the benefits of running unshod. I have blogged about this before.

Here is a recent article in the New York Times on new studies that cast doubt on the benefits of barefoot running. The data are not robust to support either an orthopedic benefit or an improved running ''efficiency'' by running barefoot or with minimalist shoes.

I wear my minimalist shoes once or twice a week when I jog back and forth to the gym. I find them still intriguing. I do not run barefoot.

There is one benefit of minimalist shoes not mentioned in the literature. Minimalist shoes are thin, flexible, compressible and very light. They pack great in my suitcase and are ideal for running on hotel treadmills! That's enough for me.

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