Monday, January 14, 2013

Honduras Day 2: January 14, 2013

I awoke at 4:45 AM, partly rested yet ready to go after a night of rest at la Quinta Hotel. 

Breakfast was at Dunkin Donuts, where a tall coffee was in order. A book of ‘quejas’ or complaints, was in plain view at the Dunkin Donuts cash register. The entries in the complaint book provided some entertaining reading.

The three hour drive to Olanchito was smooth and efficient. We arrived in record time and checked into our relatively luxurious accommodations at the Hotel Beverly.

By noon we met with our collaborators, Father Pedro O’Hagan and his colleagues of the Olanchito Catholic diocese for a working lunch to discuss the upcoming May 2013 medical relief trip. The principal topics of discussion were a review of last year's relief effort, the clinical schedule and the expansion of the water filter project.

Tomorrow we are meeting the local Health Minister at 8 AM. Later, we are off to the mountains, to the village of La Hicaca, our medical home base.

Tonight, back at the Hotel Beverly, for a meal and some much needed rest.

More to come tomorrow, stay tuned.

For more information visit the VCU Global Health and Health Disparities website.

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