Monday, November 5, 2012

Orthorexia nervosa

I am treading well beyond my area of medical expertise today, hence, I will be brief. This morning I came across an article on orthorexia nervosa in an Argentine newspaper.

There are people overly concerned about having a perfect diet, resulting in a maniacal obsession for healthy foods, as summarized here in the journal of Eating and Weight Disorders. I also came across this article, published in Appetite, on the prevalence of orthorexia nervosa in resident physicians in a Turkish hospital. The prevalence seemed disturbingly high.

It is clear from my brief search of PubMed that orthorexia is a relatively new diagnosis with a small corresponding body of medical literature. The adverse health consequences of orthorexia have yet to be fully detailed in the peer reviewed literature. 

Regardless, when seeking healthy foods becomes an overwhelming drive with obsessive-compulsive components, it is time to seek help.

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