Friday, April 20, 2012

SHEA Meeting and Evidence Based Infection Prevention Practice

Hand Hygiene. Source: World Health Organization
Here is a summary in Infection Control Today on evidence based infection prevention interventions advocated at the recent SHEA conference.

A couple of considerations. All infections are not preventable. Not all infection prevention interventions are easily implemented and not all are backed by high quality evidence.  Implementation takes administrative support, finances, trained infection preventionists and significant effort.

So where does a hospital infection prevention program start? The following list is worthy of universal application.
  • Improve hand hygiene among healthcare professionals
  • Use of appropriate isolation precautions for patients known to be colonized with dangerous or drug-resistant organisms like Clostridium difficile or MRSA
  • Ensure adequate cleaning of the environment and equipment
  • Remove catheters and other devices promptly
  • Educate healthcare professionals and patients

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