Thursday, April 25, 2019

SHEA 2019 Day 2: VCU Hospital Infection Prevention Program

 L to R: The Blogger, Dr. Nicole Vissichelli (fellow), Dr. Pam Bailey (fellow), Dr. Michelle Doll (assistant professor), Kaila Cooper BSN, RN (IC Director), Rachel Pryor RN, MPH (IC Data and program/research manager), Dr. Barry Rittmann (fellow), Dr. Jacob Pierce (IM resident) and Dr. Michael Stevens (associate professor). 

I am proud to recognize the amazing members of the VCU Hospital Infection Prevention Program and Infectious Diseases team. All are involved in our academic and scholarly work presented at SHEA Spring 2019.

Thank you to SHEA for encouraging and supporting the participation of trainees in the scientific program.

The future of infectious diseases and infection prevention is now, with our high quality and promising trainees.

(Photo credit: Dr. Mike Stevens)