Friday, June 9, 2017

Meandering in Upstate New York: Random Images

I am away off topic here, but, I took several days away from the office and set off on a road trip to Upstate New York (Syracuse).  The drive up and back (500 miles each way) was an adventure on the back country roads in a two seated roadster.  As the traffic dissipated, the humming engine and the open road fostered a present mindedness that was devoid of daily distractions.  A proper driving experience for a driving enthusiast.

Below are some images from my former hometown of Oneida, NY, just east of Syracuse. The  images include the music store where I brought my 1st drum kit in 1983 (picked up some new drum sticks there the other day, too),  homes from my former neighborhood and various other random stops including the local newspaper where I got my first job (in 1983) and Oneida lake.

Back to work next week, with more appropriate blog material to come.

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