Friday, December 2, 2016

The Digital Doctor Is In!

I am not a luddite! I believe in medical technology but as with many things, there is a force and counterforce, a yin and yang of sorts.

There is no doubt that the electronic medical record (EMR)has led us to new heights, such as immediacy of access and retrievability of data, images etc.  

There is a dark side, however. We spend more time tapping on our PCs, minimizing contact with our patients, the so called iPatient phenomenon, as explored in this New England Journal of Medicine article by Dr. Anthony Verghese. Also, the EMR minimizes the need for doctor-doctor in person consultations. Who makes radiology rounds anymore? This may not be a good thing.

Much of this is summarized in the Digital Doctor, by Dr. David Wachter, a book which I found quite enlightening.

I am back on the VCU Wenzel Academic ID Consult Service this weekend, will attempt to focus on the patients...and not the EMR.

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