Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ignore Your Front Office Staff at Your Own Peril...

L-R: Krystle Shaw, Peggy Andrews, the Blogger, Nadia Masroor,
Missing : Lisa Hassmer
The start of a new academic year (July) is an opportune time to pause and acknowledge the phenomenal work done by my staff so that the VCU Division of Infectious Diseases and Hospital Infection Prevention Program can succeed.

In the last two years both services have been resuscitated and revamped. 

The hiring of multiple new physicians, personnel and expansion of fellowship, clinic schedules, research, education and infection prevention initiatives would simply not be possible without Nadia Masroor (Research/Program Coordinator), Peggy Andrews (Executive Assistant), Krystle Shaw (Administrative Assistant) and Lisa Hassmer (Executive Secretary Hospital Infection Prevention Program).

They fuel the locomotive.

Thank you-