Sunday, January 24, 2016

Back in the United Kingdom

Back in the UK for the week where I was able to visit both London and Cardiff, Wales. Cardiff was particularly sentimental as I was a university exchange student there in 1992.

Old times revisited.

Grenadiers at the Tower of London

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

The London Eye

View of Parliament

Trafalgar Square

Regent Sounds Studio- where David Bowie and the Rolling Stones recorded some of their earliest music

Beau Brummell statue on Jermyn Street
View of the Thames from the Millennium Bridge

Globe Theatre

Norman Keep, Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle 

Norman Keep, Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle

View of Cardiff from atop Cardiff Castle

Cardiff University- University of Wales

Cardiff, Wales- Bay Area

Cardiff University- my old dormitory hall
Cardiff University grounds as seen from atop of the Student Union

Ramons- famous greasy spoon in Cardiff ,Wales- frequented by University students, also a site where Dr. Who was filmed

Cardiff University Student Union

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