Monday, May 12, 2014

The Emergence of Antibiotic Resistance

I am back on the ID consult service so it is bound to be a busy week. 

As I was perusing the NY Times yesterday, I came across this editorial on the rise of antibiotic resistance. The opinion piece highlights the looming crisis in antimicrobial resistance. Noted are the following points:

  • Antibiotics are overused, not only by physicians but also in agriculture
  • Carbapenem resistance is on the growth- a harbinger of significant resistance across various antibiotic classes
  • There is little financial incentive for pharmaceutical companies to develop and market new antibiotic classes
A more detailed report on antibiotic resistance by the World Health Organization can be found here.

I do not mean to sound alarmist but the emergence of antibiotic resistance is the public health threat of the times.

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