Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Antimicrobial Textiles in Infection Prevetion- Reviewed and Revisited

Textiles with antimicrobial properties are the ongoing rage in the infection prevention world. Here is a well written review on the matter published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

Most technologies for surfaces and fabrics have been assessed in vitro and have been shown to reduce bacterial numbers by two logs or more. However, apart from copper -impregnated surfaces,  few antimcorbial textiles have been studied in a clinical setting.  Salgado et al published a study that assessed the impact of copper surfaces in ICUs on the rate of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). I have previously commented on this study.

We published a study on the impact of antimicrobial scrubs on heathcare worker hand and apparel bioburden. We did not assess HAI outcomes.

An important question lingers: even with effective antimicrobial textiles, what is the expected incremental impact of these technologies on HAI rates atop a robust infection prevention program with robust hand hygiene, disinfection, central line checklists, HAI bundles, chlorhexidine patient bathing, etc?

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