Thursday, September 6, 2012

Celebrity Power and Hand Hygiene

Here is a novel approach to promote hand hygiene by a US Healthcare system. Michael Jordan is now a champion of hand hygiene and patient safety. Most hospitals are not likely to have eye catching celebrities on posters to remind staff about hand hygiene, nevertheless, their general approach may be useful to other hospitals.

This is part of a coordinated campaign by Novant Healthare dubbed Washing Hands Saves Lives (downloadable hand hygiene program materials on the website). 

Getting people to wash their hands is an ongoing challenge. Strategies for hand hygiene improvement are typically multi-modal and require education, reminders, ease of access, surveillance, feedback and accountability.

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  1. Some celebrities have no sense of being famous - they're just working. And then they'll have a random day in New York when they'll do some press and it creeps into the awareness.