Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Crowds and Germs

Bio.Diaspora- Source Toronto Star
For Olympic goers, in addition to witnessing competition and national pride, one can run the risk of contagion. Here is an informative read in the Toronto Star, featuring my friend and colleague Dr. Kamran Khan.

Mass gatherings, particularly of populations from all points of the compass, can serve as epicenters for infectious diseases. An outbreak is only a plane flight away. The spread of infectious diseases can be tracked by way of the sale of airline tickets, epidemiologic data, biostatistics, geographic information systems, cartography, and mathematical modelling. Bio.Diaspora studies the spread of infectious diseases via travelers. 

I am currently in the Southern Cone of the world, in Cordoba, Argentina. Although far away from the Olympic Games, I am in the middle of winter, with cold temperatures and heightened influenza activity. Let's hope my Flu vaccine is protective.

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