Sunday, March 4, 2018

18th ICID Buenos Aires: Last (3rd) Day In Pictures

L to R: Drs. Bearman, De la Cruz and Stevens

Sadly, the 18th International Congress on Infectious Diseases comes to an end today. The program has been superb thus far. Naturally, as an Argentine, attending the conference in Buenos Aires has been a thrill.

Dr. Oveimar De La Cruz (VCU Transplant Infectious Diseases) gave a masterful presentation today on viral respiratory infections in transplant recipients.

Thank you to the International Society of Infectious Disease (ISID) for inviting both me and my team to present our work on hospital infection prevention (Dr. Michelle Doll), antimicrobial stewardship (Dr. Michael Stevens) and transplant infections (Dr. Oveimar De La Cruz). The ongoing ISID support of our book (with co-editors Michelle Doll, Mike Stevens, Shaheen Mehtar, Ziad Memesh and Victor Rosenthal), Guide To Infection Control in the Hospital, is exciting and timely.

Last, a special and personal thank you to Drs. Doll, Stevens and De La Cruz for their exceptional representation of Virginia Commonwealth University Infectious Diseases. More importantly, thank you for the ongoing collegiality and friendship.

What an exceptional 3 days!