Sunday, June 26, 2016

Honduras June 2016: VCU Global Health and Health Disparities Trip Summary

Since 2005, we have been collaborating with the local leaders and the Ministry of Health in Departamento Yoro, Honduras.

Here is a brief summary of the 2016 trip.

Day 1, June 20, 2016:

Olanchito, Honduras, we arose early and packed up the pick up trucks. We headed out of
the city, up the mountain, to La HIcaca.  The first ½ day of clinic was uneventful with 61 adult patients seen from aldea (community) La Hicaca.

Day 2, June 21, 2016:

First full day of clinic hot and humid. Patients were seen from aldeas Crucete, La Florida, Agua Caliente and Puerto Rico at a steady pace until 5 PM. Apart from the common ailments, one case of very poorly controlled, newly diagnosed diabetes with severe dehydration requiring IV fluid in our clinic.

In the Copa America semifinal, Argentina beat the USA 4-0 and we listened intently over the AM radio airwaves.

Day 3, June 22, 2016:

Off to Lomitas, a very remote area with a crowded, makeshift clinic where we saw 100 adult patients and approximately the same number of pediatric patients from aldeas Portillo, El Urraco, Lomitas, Agua Sarca and la Veguita. In this region, the poverty is extreme so the deworming program (albendazole) and the dispensation of water filters (Sawyer) is critical.

The day ended with a magnificent cloudburst, lasting for several hours. Hot, humid and muddy.

Day 4, June 23, 2016:

Back to Lomitas for more punishment. The clinic lines were steady with patients from aldeas Santa Maria, Carmelitas, La Esperanza and San Felix. Again, many patients, mass deworming, water filter dispensation. My team was spectacular, working with efficiency and purpose. Leha Byrd, of VCU News, who has been present with us all week, has captured hours of interviews, narratives and footage, for an upcoming feature.

Day 5, June 24, 2016:

Back in La Hicaca for a full day of clinic. Patients were from aldeas Chorro Viento, La Culata, El Cerro and La Vega. The Ministry of Health was present with 2 local dentists to set up a dental clinic for today and tomorrow. Mass dental extractions of rotten teeth were in order. The Honduran television station, HNH, captured footage and some interviews for a news report.

Day 6, June 25, 2016:

Last day of clinic with patients from aldea La Lima. Plenty of cases were seem on the last day. This was followed by a brief ceremony for the brigade and a parting photo.

We headed down the mountain, back to Olanchito, for an evening of rest and relaxation. It has been a long yet productive week with 400+ adult patients and 400 + pediatric patients seen. Mass deworming was completed, hundreds of children were treated for head lice, 138 pap smear examinations were done and the exchange of water filters was begun. Water chlorination of the cisterns remains in place to further improve water potability.

Back to San Pedro Sula on the 26th of June and back to the USA on the 27th.

Full program details are available on the GH2DP website. A feature press release and short documentary will be forthcoming the week on July 11 th on VCU News.

Adios, for now.

Dental extractions

Water filters for potable water

Blogging in the field

Leha Byrd of  VCU News doing an interview with FatherPedro

Morning in La Hicaca

Internal Medicine clinic

Consult schedule 2016

Fecal  parasite analysis quick summary- Dr. Ana Sanchez