Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Back in Honduras-February 2016

Newspaper cover 2/1/16
I am back in Honduras, where Zika virus is alive and well. 

This week's objective is to plan and coordinate the June 2016 VCU Global Health and Health Disparities trip to rural, mountainous La Hicaca and environs. 

Highlights for the upcoming brigade include:
  • Reassessment of chlorine water sanitation project efficacy for sustainable potable water
  • Re-deployment of home water filters for improvement of water sanitation, as summarized here.
  • Ongoing implementation of new indoor cookstoves for improved indoor air quality, as previously summarized here.
  • Ongoing deworming and assessment of mass deworming efficacy, in collaboration with Dr. Ana Sanchez of Brock University, Ontario, Canada.
  • Ongoing installation of latrines to scale, in collaboration with the Pico Bonito Foundation, to minimize open defecation and the transmission of soil transmitted
    Mosquito control poster- Ministry of Health
  • At the request of the local Ministry of Health, as part of the station based clinic process- targeted, formal educational messages will be delivered. This will include messages to prevent diarrheal illnesses, respiratory illnesses and mosquito,vector-borne diseases such as Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika virus.
  • Ongoing cervical pap smear assessments in collaboration with local public health authorities
  • For the first time, in collaboration with our colleagues from Brock University, we will formally assess and de-lice school aged children.
As always, plans are fluid and subject to the unexpected nature of things in Honduras. 

Things can go awry quickly.

Map of La Hicaca and environs

New Latrines- La Hicaca