Thursday, September 13, 2012

West Nile Virus- Media Interview, Prevention of Disease

Source: Richmond Times Dispatch
Sadly, there was a recent death due to West Nile Virus here in Virginia. I was interviewed by the local newspaper, the Richmond Times Dispatch, on West Nile Virus infections.The short article be accessed here.

As there is no cure or antiviral therapy for West Nile Virus, the best intervention, as stressed in my interview, is prevention. By that, I mean being mindful about avoiding mosquito contact as much as possible.  This includes, limiting outdoor activity at dawn and dusk, using mosquito repellents on skin and clothing, wear long sleeves and long pants when feasible, repair or install window screens, and eliminate standing water where mosquitos breed (water in buckets, flower pots, tires etc). Last,  mosquito control programs are important. An informative presentation on mosquito control by Dr. David Gaines, the state entomologist for the Virginia Department of Health, can be found here.